• Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

About Us

– The Story –

In the beginning it was myself, with custody of my 2 kids that were starting High School vs the world. Being freshly discharged honorably from the USAF, I attempted to create an environment for my kids and their friends to play, socialize, experience various types of technology in a safe environment, the Garage was born. From a small 3 person gaming party in the kitchen, imaginations went wild and things started changing. The power grid in the house was upgraded, double insulation in the Garage with its own central a/c unit installed, 20 LAN drops in the Garage and 20 more in the house, we were ready to game! The fun grew and became an attraction to people all around as word spread. Hosting podcasts, LAN Parties, live Game Servers for anyone to connect to, building custom PC’s, field trips to festivals and events, things started taking on a life of its own.

In an attempt to make things better than what they already were, we decided to head back to school. Going back to school has opened up opportunities for fun projects like taking classes for Network Administration then deciding to build a server rack as the classes go along. This has attracted a lot of attention on its own from professional people volunteering their personal time to play with the project like a hobby to influencing others to create their own “lab” for school. Nothing prepared us for what would happen once the Server Rack went Virtual and became a Data Center, we had created a beast.

Support poured in from all corners of the globe for the Garage, my kids and their friends. Razer offered us an affiliation, many other organizations and companies wanted to be apart of the Garage as we built our own cloud, game servers, websites, live streams from our drones, jeeping expeditions. We have been able to attempt to start several ventures of which the name “TekRP” was founded. But, like the rest of the world, TekRP hit a wall when COVID-19 struck the world. our response was to take all of our PC’s in the Garage and in storage, make sure they were all running at 100% with all peripherals and make “Secret Covert” deliveries around Sacramento to our kids friends, families to make sure they could continue working and all the kids could utilize the Network we had built to game together, communicate and continue to enjoy being with each other even if it wasn’t from the Garage. Friends could continue being friends!

Before, this last paragraph used to address the “TekRP Goals” but as the world has taught us, everything is unpredictable and we must remain flexible, always changing to what’s happening around us, but remain true to our hearts, passions and always remain focused on your Dreams!

“To Accomplish a Dream is to Live” – TekRP