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Intel ‘Alder Lake’ CPU’s to Support PCIe 5.0, DDR5 RAM



Apr 28, 2021

Michael Kan, 22 March 2021, PCMag.com

Intel’s “Rocket Lake” CPUs for desktop PCs will officially launch next week. But in the meantime, details about the company’s next chip line, “Alder Lake,” have apparently been leaked. 

VideoCardz obtained official slides from an Intel presentation about Alder Lake, which will include both laptop-based chips and desktop CPUs. The slides show the processors will support the PCIe Gen 5.0 interface and faster DDR5 RAM on a new motherboard chipset. 

Alder Lake will mark the first time Intel has built desktop CPUs using a 10-nanometer processor, instead of the dated 14nm process. So consumers should expect a significant performance boost. But the question is how much?

One slide mentions an “up to 20% single thread performance” increase, thanks to the “Golden Cove” core design on the CPUs. Unfortunately, it doesn’t specify whether the single thread increase is compared to Rocket Lake, or Intel’s 11th generation laptop processors, “Tiger Lake,” which also use a 10nm manufacturing process. 

The same slide depicts the chip’s heterogeneous architecture, which Intel has previously alluded to. Alder Lake will be built around eight high-performance Golden Cove cores, alongside eight less powerful, but more energy-efficient Gracemont cores, for a total of 16 cores. 

The second slide offers a glimpse of the Intel 600 motherboard chipset to power the desktop version of the Alder Lake CPUs. According to VideoCardz, the chipset will appear in an upcoming Z690 motherboard series. 



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