• Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

Strong Emotions Over Closing Of Garage


Apr 28, 2021

28 April 2021, TekRP.com

News has spread, things are still in motion, but the ultimate action that has to happen is the closing of the garage. Voicing their opinions of the closing are Brittnay and Justin. Brittnay went into a full, heartbreaking sobbing session while Justin expressed his displeased point of view. There is no doubt that this Garage will remain in their memories and many others as well that have stepped foot in the Garage and it will be missed.

There are a lot of things happening right now with the Garage as it idles its way to closure. Interviews are still happening and almost complete, for the development of a story/script that might be purchased by a publishing company. Players from the Garage are being pushed over to Rob’s Community (Drummer from Escape the Fate) and over to California State University of Sacramento’s eSports club, the Stingers! A representative of the San Juan Unified School District has come through the Garage and expressed interest in possibly moving the Garage as a Classroom to the newly built science wing at Del Campo High School.

Lastly, because Justin has been constantly brain storming ways to keep things going in the Garage, we have been shopping around for a commercial space to possibly move the garage into. Its not only my passion but the passion of others that this Garage remain online and so I believe we must try.

Lets hope for the best for the future of ourselves and the Garage!