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League of Legends Mobile version 2.2 is officially released



Mar 30, 2021

RMC Team, 29March2021, RealMiCentral

League of Legends Mobile Games version 2.2 has been officially released, the hero “Gario” has been added, the new feature “Location Preference” system has begun to be tested and will be available on certain high-end models Open 120Hz refresh rate.

New hero “Gario”

The colossus of justice stood silently on the high wall of Demacia, the streamer of the brass surface looming. The old people tell a distant story, the story of a warrior trying to protect a chaotic crowd. Most people question these legends. The Colossus of Justice Galio will be officially launched on the morning of April 1.

League of Legends Mobile Games began testing the new feature Location Preference system in version 2.2. The official said, “I hope players have more choices for the battle route”. As long as the player chooses the five-way priority (single road, jungle, middle, double road, and auxiliary) before starting the match, the matching system will try to allocate the priority route for the player.

For players who do not want to manually select a preferred position, the system will assign positions based on recent battle records. League of Legends Mobile Games will temporarily open the “location preference” system for two weeks.

Polar Fight Mode

In the new version, the polar chaos mode will be launched and the first round of testing will take place. This mode will be open to playing for a limited time. Starting from April 5th, “League of Legends Mobile Games” will conduct a three-day small test of this mode.

If all goes well, “League of Legends Mobile Games” will open the Polar Smash Bros. mode from April 15th to May 19th for players to enjoy.

Support 120Hz Refresh Rate

“League of Legends Mobile Games” will open to support a 120Hz refresh rate on certain high-end devices. It should be noted that this setting is still under test and may cause the device to overheat or affect performance. The official “League of Legends Mobile Games” official recommends players to turn it on carefully.

120 FPS mode is suitable for Samsung Galaxy S21 series, Samsung Galaxy S20 series, Samsung Galaxy Note 20, Samsung Tab S7 series, OPPO Find X2, OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro, OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro, iPad Pro series, Google Pixel 5, ASUS ROG Phone 2, Razer Phone 2.



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